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Prof. David Keays joining the faculty

New lab available for applicants starting 2023 at the LMU Biocenter


Prof. Dr. David Keays' group study questions in sensory and developmental neuroscience, focussing on three questions:

1) How do animals detect magnetic fields?

2) How do animals detect electric fields?

3) How do mutations in microtubule associated proteins cause neurodevelopmental disease?

In tackling these questions they adopt a inter-disciplinary approach, employing a broad range of genetic, molecular, cellular, and behavioural tools. Click on the links above to find out more about each project.

In 2020 Prof. Keays was appointed to the Chair of Organismal and Developmental Neurobiology at LMU, and in 2022 accepted a position as a Principal Research Associate at Cambridge University (joint)

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