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Plant Science

Surname, First name Research Focus Availability
Bölter, Bettina Characterisation of protein transport into chloroplasts - analysis of composition and regulation of translocation complexes. available in 2022
Kunz, Hans-Henning The research in our group is strongly focused on the plant chloroplasts and transport processes in this organelle. We are particularly interested in ion transport proteins. Currently, we are working on the identification of their substrates and molecular mechanisms. available in 2022
Nägele, Thomas To promote our understanding of how plants acclimate to a changing environment, our research focuses on the quantitative analysis of metabolic regulation. available in 2022
Vollmar, Angelika The biochemical pathway of chlorophyll degradation has only recently been characterized. The metabolites that are yielded from the breakdown path – the phyllobilins – were shown to have antioxidant properties. available in 2022