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Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Klein

Director of the Department of Molecular Neurobiology


MPI of Neurobiology, Department of Molecular Neurobiology


Max-Planck-Institute of Neurobiology
Department of Molecular Neurobiology
Am Klopferspitz 18
D-82152 Martinsried

Phone: +49 (89) 8578 - 3151
Fax: +49 (89) 8578 - 3152


Research Focus

Research projects for Amgen Scholars would be embedded in ongoing research on the development of the vertebrate nervous system. Methods derive from diverse approaches on signal transduction (biochemistry, mouse genetics, cell biology, electrophysiology).

Primary Technique(s):

Classical detection methods - expression and mutagenesis of individual gene products

Cellular level detection methods - time lapse microscopy, long-term synaptic plasticity with extracellular and intracellular recordings

Whole organism level detection methods - genetic models, behavioral assays

Model Organism(s): mice