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Prof. Dr. Tobias Bonhoeffer

Director of the Department of Cellular and Systems Neurobiology


MPI of Neurobiology, Cellular and Systems Neurobiology


Max-Planck-Institute of Neurobiology
Department of Cellular and Systems Neurobiology
Am Klopferspitz 18
D-82152 Martinsried

Phone: +49 (89) 8578 - 3751
Fax: +49 (89) 8578 - 2481


Research Focus

In the Bonhoeffer lab, Amgen scholars can get an insight on electrophysiology combined with molecular tools, genetic techniques and optical approaches like two-photon calcium-imaging and time-lapse microscopy. The research would be focused on the cellular and molecular basis of synaptic plasticity.

Primary Technique(s): In vitro & in vivo models, electrophysiology (extracellular, patch-clamp), structural and functional 2-photon imaging, 2-photon microscopy, super-resolution microscopy, intrinsic signaling imaging, optogenetic techniques, genetically encoded indicators, slices, organotypic slice cultures, behavioral methods

Model Organism(s): Mice, rats