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Developmental Biology

Surname, First name Research Focus Availability
Baier, Herwig The goal of our research is to understand how neuronal circuits convert sensory inputs into behavioral responses. available in 2022
Becker, Noémie Understanding the evolution of Borrelia bacteria in the context of their adaptation to their different hosts is crucial for the understanding of the geographical spread of the disease as well as their adaptation to the human immune system. TBA
Boshart, Michael We are interested in signaling mechanisms involved in parasitic life cycle development and in the host-parasite interaction of global pathogens. not available
Gompel, Nicolas A stricking feature of animal evolution is the diversity of their forms and behaviors. The evolution of traits entails changes in the genetic make-up of each species. available in 2022
Herms, Jochen Physiological function of proteins involved in Neurodegenerative diseases, synaptic failure in Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease (AD,PD), long-term in vivo two-photon imaging of transgenic mice models of AD, neuronal calcium homeostasis in neurodegenerative diseases, high-throughput drug screens for AD and PD. not available
Lopez-Schier, Hernán Our research interests are focused on understanding the fundamental principles that govern the assembly, homeostasis and regeneration of mechanosensory epithelia and their associated neuronal circuits. Our methods are grounded in the traditions of genetics and cell biology, high-resolution live microscopy, biological physics and animal behaviour. available in 2022
Michalakis, Stylianos The overarching goal will be to establish and manipulate an in vitro retinal model for the evaluation of innovative therapeutic approaches for blinding eye disorders. available in 2022
Ninkovic, Jovica We focus on basic and translational research in the field of the central nervous system (CNS) repair and regeneration aiming at novel strategies for brain repair and regeneration by modulating the function of glial cells. We aim at providing a basis for the development of new therapies for patients affected by stroke, neurotrauma or neurodegenerative diseases. available in 2022