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Computational Neuroscience

Surname, First name Research Focus Availability
Brandt, Thomas In the Institute of Clinical Neurosciences, studies address vestibular function in health and disease from eye movement recordings to perception using various methods such as psychophysical measurements, eye movement recordings, fMRI and computational modeling. TBA
Franzmeier, Nicolai Our overarching goal is to better understand the mechanisms that promote the development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease in order to develop clinically applicable personalized medicine models for predicting patient-specific disease trajectories. available in 2022
Hemmert, Werner We focus our research on the auditory system where we combine modelling studies with experiments to develop novel approaches for the advancement of neuroprosthetics. TBA
Herz, Andreas The group of Prof. Herz uses methods from nonlinear dynamics and probability theory to analyze and model electrophysiological data, which are provided by collaborators, and to compare them with theoretical predictions. available in 2022
Sirota, Anton Our research is focused on the mechanisms of information representation and propagation within and across different cortical networks. available in 2022
Wachtler-Kulla, Thomas We take a multidisciplinary approach to study the neural principles of processing and coding in the visual system in relation to the properties of the sensory environment and to perceptual phenomena. available in 2022