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Prof. Dr. Angelika Vollmar

Chair of Pharmaceutical Biology


LMU Department of Pharmacy - Center for Drug Research


Ludwig Maximilians University Munich
Department of Pharmacy - Center for Drug Research
Pharmaceutical Biology
Butenandtstr. 5-13
D-81377 Munich

Phone: +49 (89) 2180 - 77172
Fax: +49 (89) 2180 - 77170


Research Focus

Chemoresistance and metastatic tumor progression are major challenges in modern tumor therapy. Understanding the molecular mechanisms leading to tumor chemoresistance and metastatic activity is pivotal in order to develop new potent tumor therapeutics.

We focus on natural compounds and exploit their enormous potential: They are lead structures for new anti-tumor agents as well as invaluable chemical tools to identify new therapeutical targets and regulatory circuits in chemoresistance and metastasis.

Various natural compounds and derivatives thereof especially are elucidated for their effects on tumor cell death in vitro and in vivo as well as on motility. In addition their antiangiogenic potential will be analyzed. The characterization of affected signaling pathways should point to interesting new targets in the combat of chemoresistance, progression and metastasis of cancer.

The project will be the investigation of effects of plant derived natural products on the proliferation and induction of programmed cell death in cellular models.

Primary techniques: 

Biochemistry: Analysis of signaling pathways i.e. kinase assays, immunoprecipitation; genetic gene silencing, western blot analysis, RT-PCR,

Pharmacology: functional assays for angiogenesis, migration, chemotaxis, vascular permeability, cell death etc.

Cell biology: Immunofluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, live cell imaging

Model Organism(s): tumor cell lines, primary human endothelial cells, mouse