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C. O'Brien, alum 2010

"Taking part in the Amgen Scholars programme was an incredible experience, and one that I have no doubt will serve me very well in the future. The programme offered me opportunities that I never would have otherwise had the chance to experience. Being actively involved in and gaining practical experience of research was both exciting and fulfilling and allowed me to broaden my perspectives. I learnt so much in eight weeks, from new lab techniques and skills to poster making and presenting.


Outside of the lab, there was a great social aspect to the programme. We took part in many trips and that really allowed us to experience Germany and bond as a group. We had a lot of fun and were exceptionally well looked after. Presenting our research and posters at the symposium at the University of Cambridge, was truly a fantastic and confidence-boosting experience. Overall I had an amazing experience and made fantastic friends. I am extremely grateful to have had such an opportunity."