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J. Hill, alum 2010

feet"I had a fantastic experience on the Amgen scholars program in Munich. Any worries about living and doing research abroad were instantly forgotten as soon as I met the other students on the program and arrived at my lab in the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology. I quickly made some great friends amongst the students and was welcomed warmly and made to feel a part of the lab in which I spent my 8 weeks.

In addition to my research project I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about writing papers and presenting posters, and to attend seminars. On top of this the social side of the program was great with an opening retreat, dinners and trips bringing the group of students together. Presenting my work at the Cambridge symposium was a brilliant experience and has increased my confidence in talking about science. The speakers at the symposium opened my eyes to many new areas of science and taught me a great deal about pursuing a career in research or science more generally.

Returning to University to complete my final year I have found that the Amgen program has provided much to talk about in interviews for PhDs and the skills I gained during the program have impacted positively on my current lab project."