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H. Courthion, alum 2010

"I can say for sure that last summer was at every level one of the best experiences of my life! Starting with an opening retreat that was really a great idea because we got to know each other very fast and after a few days I felt already like being part of a family. All the trips we had and the towns we visited  were a lot of fun too.

About the lab work and the project, I think two months is the ideal period of time to undertake a small project because starting with learning the technique, performing the experiments and analyzing the data. The poster design was also a lot of fun and the workshops from Pete and Marc really useful; I am pretty sure that I am going to use their advice in the future.

The weekly seminars allowed me to have a better insight into the world of research, because I hadn't attended many seminars before. The symposium was also a great insight into the scientific world because it seemed to be quite similar to any other symposium with talks and poster presentations. I really enjoyed the social activities and to have the chance to interact with other scholars.

All these experiences and events made me feel like I was a "real" researcher or a student doing a PhD. "